Komentarji so izklopljeni za TOKENIZED SECURITY OFFERINGS | TSO

Tokenized security offerings – TSO, a new mechanism to raise capital



 – Our comprehensive legal services to execute Tokenized security offerings – “TSO” in general consist of:

– legal analysis and (legal) establishment of a tokenized security-financial instrument,

– legal analysis and framing of a business model having regard the specific circumstances of a project,

– providing guidance to select appropriate jurisdiction to perform “TSO” having regard the specific business model,

– preparation of constitutional documents and other sets of legal activities to establish a company,

– preparation and/or providing legal guidance to prepare core documents to conduct “TSO”, such as Terms and conditions, whitepaper and prospectus,

– governance of the legal relations between shareholders and third-parties,

– preparation of contracts for business partners,

– coordination and consultation with government authorities,

– coordination and consultation with law firms,

– providing guidance to perform AML/KYC procedures,

– providing legal assistance to file a patent and other sets of legal activities, which are non specific to ICO,

– consultation in relation to tax optimization,

– other related legal services.

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